Spotlight On…Evgeny Krupitsky

Based on an interview with Evgeny Krupitsky, MD, PhD, D.Med.Sci, PI of Russia ARCH and ZINC

Q: What part of Russia are you originally from?
A: I was born in St. Petersburg (at that time – Leningrad).

Q: Why did you decide to become a doctor?
A: Initially, I was going to be a biophysicist. However, I got interested in medicine-related biophysics and that is why I entered Medical School.

Q: How did you become interested in alcohol research?
A: Absolutely by accident. A major part of my residency was related to addiction psychiatry. In the 80s in Russia, alcohol studies received good governmental support. So I got involved into this area of research and found it very interesting!

Q: How is the research that URBAN ARCH is doing important in Russia? What impact could we have with this research?
A: Russia is facing a very serious HIV epidemic. And Russia is a “heavy drinking country.” So this study might provide important insights on how to deal with this situation.

Q: What do you as the next steps for URBAN ARCH in Russia? What are the most important questions that need to be answered in Russia regarding alcohol use and HIV?
A: The most important issue is how drinking is influencing HIV disease progression.

Q: Tell us one surprising thing about you.
A: I play tennis and I like to spend my brief one-two week vacation in Finland, in nature, far from cities…

Q: What’s your favorite Winter Olympic Sport?
A: Skiing