The META HIV CVD Administrative Core

The Administrative (Admin) Core will be responsible for day-to-day management and functioning of the META HIV CVD Program Project Grant (PPG). The Admin Core’s goal is to ensure that the scientific and programmatic activities of the PPG are conducted per protocol in a timely fashion, within budget, and with the highest quality. The Admin Core has these specific aims:

  • (1) To provide administrative oversight of the PPG, including assembling a steering committee, program advisory committee, and data safety monitoring board, and developing the policies and procedures necessary to successfully organize and complete our specific aims and training initiatives;
  • (2) To provide services to PPG investigators and trainees (e.g., study progress reports, compliance assurance, assistance with presentations and publications), and to promote/disseminate the PPG’S work;
  • (3) To provide resources (e.g., data and specimens), biostatistical support, and mentorship to new investigators;
  • (4) To promote synergy within and across other funded PPGs; and
  • (5) To monitor progress and compliance of the PPG’s components, implement improvement mechanisms if necessary, and assist investigators with challenges (e.g., recruitment).
Left to right: Suman Kundu, Megan Stewart, Asri Mumpuni, Meredith Duncan, Emily Smith, and Grace Wallace at the Tennessee State Museum in 2019.