Editor’s Farewell

Dear readers,

The Pardee Atlas is now finishing its third year and I, as its second Editor in chief, am closing out this chapter. 

As we end the school year, the world is no less turbulent than it was a year ago, or even three years ago. In fact, we have entered an era of polycrises. 

However, I find the students at the Pardee School of Global Studies no less inspired than they were before to advance human progress and actively seek out solutions to the world’s greatest problems. 

This year the Atlas has sought measures to engage with the very students who contribute to the publication, but also opened up conversations with experts who share a passion for knowledge and a curiosity for the world. The next chapter of the Pardee Atlas will continue these efforts and more.

With Manpreet Kaur Singh as the new Editor in chief, I and our other graduating team members believe the Atlas is in great hands to continue on sharing Pardee student research and also expanding conservations beyond ourselves and the school. Collaboration and cooperation are skills necessary in creating change, and the Atlas hopes to embody that sentiment as it moves forward. I am excited to see the Atlas continue to grow and create new traditions. 


Signing off,

Christina Duran

Editor in chief, The Pardee Atlas