The Pardee Atlas Journal of Global Affairs

Mission Statement

The Pardee Atlas Journal of Global Affairs is a student-run organization that publishes original, innovative content created by Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies graduate students, as well as graduate students across Boston University

Our Editorial Board is composed of graduate students at the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global  Studies and functions with faculty advisers. 

We aim to further the Pardee School motto of “Advancing Human Progress” by carefully selecting unique and pioneering submissions that will promote dynamic conversations on international affairs. 

The Pardee Atlas is an open forum for discourse. Views presented are the views of the respective authors and not of the Editorial Board.

Our History

Originally known as The Pardee Periodical, The Pardee Atlas: Journal of Global Affairs is a revitalized academic journal established in April 2021. Our new focus is to create a publication that highlights the works of Pardee students while also being a portable forum for the dispersion of ideas into the wider IR community. The Pardee Atlas website was built during the Summer of 2021 by a small, dedicated, energetic team of graduate students determined to bring publishing opportunities to their peers. While sadly, the academic works published on the website of The Pardee Periodical have been all but lost, this new site is powered by Boston University, guaranteeing security and posterity for the works published. A physical print edition of The Pardee Atlas may be coming soon, but for now, please enjoy the website and the many works published by BU students! The current Editor in Chief of The Pardee Atlas is Manpreet Kaur Singh.