Diveristy, Equity, and Inclusion and Editorial Standards

In line with the motto for Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies, the goal of The Pardee Atlas Journal of Global Affairs is to advance human progress by promoting the diverse voices on topics related, but not limited to, global affairs. This includes our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion whilst ensuring ethical practices related to publishing are met.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

  • The Pardee Atlas is committed to ensuring the diversity of its team members and the promotion of unique perspectives from people of all diverse backgrounds.
  • We encourage the submission of a diverse array of topics related to global affairs that reflect the unique perspectives displayed in international affairs. 
  • Our team is formed of diverse members who come from all walks of life and encourage writers in all forms to submit pieces that reflect their unique perspective.
  • When choosing team members, we value diversity and respect whilst also looking for skills, abilities, and perspectives to ensure the goals of the Pardee Atlas are met. We also look for commitment in our team members to improving global affairs through the promotion of original research and analysis.
  • All pieces submitted to the Pardee Atlas are reviewed equally and in an unbiased manner

Editorial Standards

  • All pieces submitted to The Pardee Atlas must be original pieces written by the submitter. By original, this means that the piece may not be previously published. This also means that the submitter must write their own work and properly attribute information, thoughts and ideas to their proper sources which must be cited in the correct format as determined in the submission guidelines. 
  • Plagiarism and neglect of copyright laws are strictly prohibited.
  • Hateful ideas and rumors are strictly prohibited and unacceptable and will not be published by the Pardee Atlas. The Pardee Atlas will not be used to promote hateful messages, rumors, or biases as all are unacceptable. 
  • No writer who submits their pieces to The Pardee Atlas should be receiving financial connections through their submitted pieces. Similarly, no team members on the Atlas team are allowed to receive financial contribution for their work on the Atlas.
  • All submitted pieces to the Pardee Atlas are reviewed for originality and quality of content. All pieces go through an in depth editing process prior to publishing that involves multiple Atlas team members reviewing each submitted piece and providing suggestions for edits in multiple drafts. 
  • The Atlas believes in publishing meaningful and original contributions to global affairs and strives to maintain high editorial standards