Episode 2 of The Pardee Atlas Podcast focuses on the role of global governance in sustainable development with a focus on Vanuatu. Our host, Karl Wright, interviews Georgia Nichols, alumnus of the Pardee School of Global Studies and recipient of the prestigious Ambassador Hermann Eilts Award.


Georgia Nichols is a distinguished alumni of Boston University, holding a Master’s in International Affairs and Diplomacy. A USDOE FLAS fellow in Wolof and Ajami, her thesis won the Ambassador Hermann Elits Award for its innovative approach to U.S.-South Pacific relations, focusing on climate security. Georgia’s work, enriched by interviews with key Vanuatu officials, reflects her deep interest in Pacific Island governance, sustainable development, and environmental solutions. Her commitment to collaborative and efficient research drives her pursuit of sustainable policy innovations.

Host: Karl Wright
Editor: Rachel Hull

Correction: In today’s episode, around the 23-minute mark, Georgia discussed China’s infrastructure aid to the Pacific Islands, specifically mentioning Vanuatu, and referred to the donation of a hospital. We’d like to clarify that while China has contributed health-based aid to Vanuatu, they have not funded the construction of a hospital there. The Navua Hospital, which was mentioned, was actually funded by Beijing in Fiji, not Vanuatu.

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