Back2School Initiative

The following are a collection of term papers submitted by Pardee graduate students during the recent Back2School submission initiative launched by The Pardee Atlas in August 2021. Papers were released on a weekly basis from October 2021 through November 2021.

The Anti-Immigrant Movement in the United States By Selena Rincon

Women and the Qur’an: Feminist Interpretive Authority? By Laura Comstock

Frozen Lawfare By Eduard Miska

A Case for the Future of the United Nations and other International Organizations By Erik Leon

Peacekeeping in Haiti: Successes and Failures By Mariana Cabrera Figueroa

Food Security in Latin America and the Caribbean: the Inter-American Development Bank and Ongoing Progress By Sophia Coleman

Migrant Family Separations During the Trump Administration By Shamim E. Butt-Garcia

International Organizations’ Role in Preventing Malpractices within the Intercountry Adoption Network By Bridget Fahy

The Qatar Crisis: Beyond the Qatar-Iran-Terrorism Framework By Vahe Minasyan

Russia’s Public Diplomacy in the Former Yugoslavia  By Isak Kulalic

Wild Country: Militia Activity along the Southern Border and their Relationship with the USG By Alexander Smith 

Environment vs. Economy: Influence in International Fishing Disputes By Luke DeTore

How The American Media Landscape is Polarizing the Country By Flavia Roscini 

Russia’s Ukraine Camping Trip: A Neorealist-Constructivist Interpretation By Joseph “Tripp” Callaway

Female Genital Mutilation in African Society: The Impact of Colonization on FGM in Kenya, and FGM in Kenya Today By Morgan Cassidy

Rojava: An Island of Peace in Shark Infested Waters By Farris Al-Banaa