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Episode 5 of The Pardee Atlas Podcast focuses on one of the most pressing international crises: The Rohingya Refugee Crisis. Our host, Clare Budin, interviewed Mahitha Owk, an alum of the Pardee School of Global Studies. Mahitha talks about her journey to foreign affairs in journalism and her successfully defended MA policy paper Empowering Rohingya Children in Bangladesh through Certified Education: Saving the ‘Lost Generation’ by Overcoming Structural Barriers for which she received the prestigious Gilman Travel Grant to conduct field research in Bangladesh.

Mahitha discusses how she planned and executed the field research which involved visiting refugee camps and establishing relationships with refugees and NGOs in Bangladesh. She discusses how her passion for understanding and addressing the Rohingya Refugee Crisis developed, how she works to balance her mental health while conducting field research, and the responsibility of the international community to address the refugee crisis.


Mahitha Owk, with a strong background in journalism, is committed to the art of diplomacy and firmly believes that ‘Where Diplomacy ends, war begins.’ Armed with this conviction, she aspires to channel the transformative force of diplomacy towards humanitarian endeavours, particularly in support of global refugees

Host: Clare Budin
Editor: Korkut A.

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