Back 2 School Featured Papers – Week 1

Dear Reader,

After a month long submission window, I am pleased to present term papers submitted by current Pardee School of Global Studies graduate students! Over the next few weeks, we will be publishing excellent academic works from the Pardee graduate community. We received a wide variety of submissions and we hope to publish every single one of them! Edits have been kept to a minimum to preserve the rawness of the arguments and hold each author’s message true.

Our first two papers come from Selena Rincon and Laura Comstock. In Rincon’s paper, she delves into America’s long history of anti-immigrant sentiments and the groups that have arisen to support this cause. In Comstock’s paper, she examines feminism and the Muslim community, shedding light on ongoing efforts to re-interpret the Qur’an through a feminist lens and the challenges these scholars face. Both these papers present thought-provoking arguments that embody everything the Atlas strives to present.

Here are the links to view these wonderful papers. If you are interested in international law and Ukraine, feel free to check out my paper examining the concept of “lawfare” and its usage in frozen conflicts.

The Anti-Immigrant Movement in the United States

By: Selena Rincon

Women and the Qur’an: Feminist Interpretive Authority?

By: Laura Comstock

Frozen Lawfare: Examining Ukraine V. Russian Federation and the Role of International Law in Frozen Conflicts

By: Eduard Miska

I hope you will join us again next week as we continue to publish original and creative works to advance human progress!


Eduard J. Miska