NEPHTC Student Projects 2020-2021

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Walae Hayek

In this project, Walae examined patient factors that are associated with disparities in the use of violent restraints for agitated patients in the Emergency Department of a safety net-teaching hospital... More


Nahren Gherel Ubushin

Nahren's project will improve health equity by providing resources and support services through the Pride Center. The Pride Center Vermont provides these services for those that are LGBTQ+. This is... More


Meghan Boyer

In this project, Meghan created evaluation standards to assess a policy’s impact on public health and health equity. Evaluate NHPHA’s operation policies and community policies for and evaluate how impactful... More


Kayia Alleyne

The goal of this project is to assist youth of color into the STEM Field to provide a healthier lifestyle for them and their communities down the line. Kayia assisted with... More


Jesse Greenfield

In this project, Jesse aimed at improving and expanding upon Open Door Health’s current educational materials for clinic patients and community members will make them more accessible and relevant to... More


Ivy Shen

In this project, Ivy' aimed to implement a systematic approach to examining the necessary skills and knowledge Maine health professionals need in order to work collaboratively across sectors to address... More


Hannah Laskey

In this project, Hannah helped improve health equity by providing the data and information necessary for providers to prescribe outdoor activity to patients. Providing this prescription will help address inequities... More


Grace Simmons

Poster Presentation This study, whose components emerge from the field of narrative medicine, provided greater access to knowledge about the impact that narratives have on care experiences for both patient and... More


Giorgio Cocchella

By examining the health disparities associated with COVID-19 screenings, the project aimed to better address the barriers inhibiting vulnerable communities from receiving adequate and proper care. Through a thorough examination... More


Felicia Creary

This project supported infectious disease management efforts at the Maureen Hamilton Wellness Center by creating and maintaining a follow-up care procedure for students attending Sacred Heart University. In addition to... More


Damian Lima

 The purpose of this Health Equity Project was to improve the quality of healthcare offered to LGBT and POC patients at OOH, especially for transgender and Latinx immigrant populations. Through... More

Courtney DeVost

The goal of this project is to support community partners' focus on areas that were identified in the Community Health Assessment which often affect those who need more resources and... More


Breanna De Leon

This project investigated sexual health at a federal qualified health center (FQHC). Sexual health and sexual health education are a significant public health issue. Improving sexual health education is a... More

Ashley Roehrig

Ashley Roehrig was on a team in the Pantry2Pantry program which was launched to ensure food insecure populations with high risk for COVID have the food they need. Program partners... More


Anna Mullany

Anna Mullany believes all women should have the same opportunity and access to vital services during and/or when leaving an abusive relationship. Yet not all women are afforded this opportunity. More


Amelia Bailey

Amelia Bailey is an MPH student from University of Massachusetts Amherst. In this project, Amelia helps to improve health equity by linking people with opioid use disorder to life-saving treatment... More