About Us

About Us

Services Provided by NEPHTC

Workforce Development

We work within our region to assess needs, determine competency gaps, and find experts and training opportunities to fill those gaps.

Instructional Design

We design learning in many modalities including webinars, self-paced, workshops, and cohort-based learning with and for our partners. We handle the learning technology in these modalities.

Learning Management Systems

We put content on our systems, so partners don’t have to do all of the technical and maintenance work of training, but can attend to their day jobs! We offer an array of course formats, including self-paced, video, and blended online/offline. We work with you to develop the look, feel, and tools that best suit your audience and learning objectives.

Webinar Support

We host and manage Zoom webinars and workshops. Our premium license supports workshops of up to 300 and webinars of up to 1000, eliminating your need for a paid platform and webinar or video technician. We manage video storage and distribution as well as other webinar print materials.

eLearning Production

We use our expertise in storyboarding, scripting, and design to convert your classroom learning materials into professional eLearning resources following ADDIE design principles and using the most current authoring tools.

Evaluation of Trainings

We use the Kirkpatrick model to evaluate our trainings. All trainings are evaluated for Level 1 (satisfaction). Longer trainings are evaluated for Level 2 (knowledge gain), and Level 3 (application) is added as appropriate.

Expert Network and National Resources

We share training and resources across the country – health equity strategies often translate across state lines!

Marketing Coordination

We collaborate with partners to support and promote their trainings to our email audience and on social media. Beyond training promotion, we help collaborators get in touch with our workforce audience for their special public health projects.

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