Bianca Thakkar

Bianca’s project centered around the role of Telemedicine and relationship with patient use. Telemedicine has been critical during the COVID-19 pandemic in allowing patients to continue seeing their physicians, while avoiding the risks associated with going into the hospital or clinic. Although the pandemic has made this a necessary change, studies have found that telemedicine has allowed individuals of all populations to access their physicians more easily and conveniently, including low-income, geriatric, and rural populations. The convenience of telemedicine eliminates these barriers and therefore increases access to care.

In order for telemedicine to continue playing a critical role in increasing access in the future, it is important to understand the patient’s perspective on telemedicine and what patient qualities most often lead to a successful telemedicine encounter. In this study we will be conducting phone interviews with patients seen by telemedicine to understand what factors lead to patients being more or less inclined to use telemedicine. By understanding the patient’s perceived barriers in telemedicine, it may be possible to address these barriers and determine which policies surrounding telemedicine can be improved.