NEPHTC Student Projects Over the Years

– Anuoluwapo Osideko –

I learned to never solely think of your project and the end goal. Instead you have to formulate other research questions, not only for your own sake, but, also in case your project happens to come to a dead end. My favorite part was feeling welcomed as a valuable member of the team. I truly enjoyed my placement.

2014-15 | 2015-16 | 2016-17 | 2017-18| 2018-19


Sarah Weingarten

Developed an Integrated Public Health Surveillance System to collect, analyze, and disseminate information about a variety of diseases and behaviors of interest to the local health department.


Kelley Simpson

Educated legislators, key leaders, and public health officials on the importance of public health bills, and ensured that evidence-based public health data is being used to support these bills.


Ashley Davis

Worked with the Comprehensive Cancer Collaborative's Equity Task Force to help research and reduce disparities in cancer screening rates among vulnerable populations.


Aderonke Ilegbusi

Researched and reported on the free clinic’s impact on patient quality of life in order to develop an appropriate life measurement tool and ultimately improve patient care.


Stephen DeVoe

Coordinated with work group members to translate current research, pilot project findings, and national best practice standards into competencies and training curriculum for health professionals located in primary care settings.


Elizabeth Scoles

Developed an understanding of the major health care reform efforts in Vermont, created strategic communication campaigns, and established partnership with internal and external state agencies to foster cross-sector accountability.


Kathryn MacDonald

Organized and entered Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) Pre & Post data in Excel, run stats for SDQ, reviewed focus group data, drafted focus group report, updated website with recent news articles.


Fawatih Mohamed-Abouh

Analyzed data to determine possible causes of disparities in outcomes for patients with diabetes and asthma on a statewide, regional, and neighborhood basis.


Alicia Vignola

Developed and conducted a survey to examine food accessibility and affordability among people who use New Haven’s mobile summer food pantry, especially families with children.


Chelsea Lennox

Engaged in hands-on work at the Blackstone Community Center (BCC), part of the Boston Center for Youth and Families (BCYF) network with a mission is to enhance the quality of life for residents through partnerships that offer a wide range of programs and activities to fit neighborhood needs and interests.