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The Meaning of Mise-en-Place

by Claudia Catalano One of the first lessons students learn in culinary school is the meaning of mise-en-place. French for “put in place”, it means that ingredients are prepped, tools are gathered, and everything is organized before cooking begins. It’s a grounding philosophy that keeps your head clear and your body poised to make things […]

The Inside Scoop on BU’s Culinary Lab

by Claudia Catalano Student Claudia Catalano presents her daily experiences in the BU Gastronomy culinary lab on her new blog. Since I began pursuing my MLA in Gastronomy in 2012, I’ve always dreamed of taking the Culinary Lab. I’m a good home cook, but I’ve never been formally trained in proper French technique, food safety, […]

Exploring The Culinary Arts Certificate Program – And Why You Should Take It

by Audrey Reid The Culinary Arts Certificate Program at Boston University is one of a kind. It was founded by Julia Child and Jacques Pepin in 1989 when Pepin suggested turning their highly successful cooking seminars into a full semester course. The program was designed around French cuisine and technique but also highlights other ethnic […]