Category: Awards

Marston wins 2018 Gitner Award for Distinguished Teaching

The Gitner Award is one of three endowed awards given annually by the College of Arts and Sciences to those professors who excel not only in successful classroom teaching, but in the fullest and most comprehensive aspects of the teaching experience. These activities include collaborative scholarship with students, curriculum development, mentoring and advising students and teaching fellows, […]

Congratulations to Dr. Anna Goldfield and Emily Johnson, class of 2017!

Two members of the Environmental Archaeology Laboratory are graduating from BU: Dr. Anna Goldfield and Emily Johnson. Congratulations to Dr. Anna Goldfield, who defended her doctoral dissertation entitled “The Role of Physiology and Behavior in the Replacement of Neanderthals by Anatomically Modern Humans in Europe”. Anna will spend the summer of 2017 managing the BU Zooarchaeology Laboratory. Congratulations […]

Johnson and Marston win best poster award

Emily S. Johnson and John M. Marston received the best poster award at the 2017 Annual Conference of the Society of Ethnobiology, for the poster entitled “Elite Feasting and Monumental Dedication at Early Phrygian Gordion, Central Turkey”. This was the result of research Emily did as a UROP project with Prof. Marston in Spring 2017. Congratulations […]

Emily Johnson awarded for writing excellence

Congratulations to our own Emily Johnson for winning an Alumni Award for Writing Excellence in the College of Arts and Sciences! Her exemplary honors thesis explored the effects of nixtamalization of maize starch grains, earning her the Michael A. Sassano III and Christopher M. Sassano Award for Writing Excellence in the Social Sciences. Well done Emily!

Forste recipient of ASOR conference travel

Kathleen Forste was one of 10 students selected to receive ASOR’s student conference travel grant to attend the 2016 annual meeting in San Antonio, TX! She is co-author on a presentation with Professoss Mac Marston of Boston University and Deirdre Fulton of Baylor University. Their talk is titled “The Animal and Plant Economies at Islamic […]