Congratulations to Dr. Anna Goldfield and Emily Johnson, class of 2017!

Two members of the Environmental Archaeology Laboratory are graduating from BU: Dr. Anna Goldfield and Emily Johnson.

Congratulations to Dr. Anna Goldfield, who defended her doctoral dissertation entitled “The Role of Physiology and Behavior in the Replacement of Neanderthals by Anatomically Modern Humans in Europe”. Anna will spend the summer of 2017 managing the BU Zooarchaeology Laboratory.

Congratulations to Emily Johnson, who graduated summa cum laude with a BA in Archaeology and as a member of the Kilachand Honor’s College. Emily’s impressive research earned her the Archaeology Department’s Trowel Award and the Michael A. Sassano III and Christopher M. Sassano Award for Writing Excellence in the Social Sciences. Emily will travel to Turkey this summer to manage archaeobotanical recovery at the site of Gordion.

We applaud these scholars and wish them the very best of luck in their future endeavors!

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