Collections Database

Explore BU Environmental Archaeology Laboratory collections through a searchable FileMaker database


Login Instructions

Select Guest Account at login page

Next select Login, a username and password are not necessary to login to the database


Performing a Search

Once successfully logged into the database, user may search by clicking the Search Database button


The Search Database link directs users to the Form View Search Page

Users have the ability to search by any of the categories presented in this window – note that you must press the button “search database” to activate your search; the return key will not work


Search using the table view by selecting the Table View button


Similar to the Form View Search page, users may search by database categories in the Table View; again, you must press the button “search database” to activate your search


Changing Search Results View

Search results may be viewed in numerous ways, which the user may switch using the icon links on the top toolbar of Filemaker

This page shows the List View, which displays all search results as a descending list


Here is the Table View results page


Performing a New Search

To begin a new search, users must select the Cancel Find button


Once the old search parameters have been cleared by selecting Cancel Find, select the Search Database button to begin a new search