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Kovacik receives New Mexico research funding

Peter Kovacik received a research grant from the Friends of Coronado & Jemez Historic Sites, located in New Mexico. This award will support additional radiocarbon dating as part of Peter’s doctoral research into Spanish colonial land-use strategies in the Albuquerque Basin of New Mexico. Congratulations, Peter!

Hultquist co-author on PNAS article

Nicole Hultquist is a co-author on the recently published article “Tracing sources of atmospheric methane using clumped isotopes” published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (PNAS). In this article, Nicole and her colleagues used novel isotopic methods on rare isotopic forms of methane to understand better the sources of […]

Kovacik receives NSF DDRIG award

Peter Kovacik received a Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Research Grant from the Archaeology Program of the US National Science Foundation. This award, titled “Effect of Colonial Policy on Land Use”, provides funds to permit Peter to engage in archaeobotanical research into Spanish colonial land-use strategies in the Albuquerque Basin of New Mexico, and how land-use practices […]

Zhang’s Egyptian charcoal research featured in BU media

The UROP research of Angela Zhang (CAS ’24) is featured in an article by BU’s research publication, The Brink. Read the article, titled “Secrets of Ancient Egyptian Nile Valley Settlements Found in Forgotten Treasure,” here. Congratulations Angela on the exciting research and wonderful article!

EA Lab alumna Forste and Marston publish article

Environmental Archaeology Lab alumna Kathleen M. Forste (GRS ’21) and John M. Marston are co-authors on a new article, “Cultivating the Hills and the Sands: A Comparative Archaeobotanical Investigation of Early Islamic Agriculture in Palestine”, in Environmental Archaeology. In this article, Forste et al. integrate archaeobotanical assemblages from a range of settlements across Early Islamic […]

Trevor Lamb research in Alaska highlighted by BU

EAL PhD student Trevor Lamb’s research has been highlighted on BU’s The Brink research site. Read the article here. This research is funded by his National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant. Congratulations on the media coverage, Trevor!

Angela Zhang presents at anthraco2023 conference

At the anthraco2023 conference in Porto, Portugal, Angela Zhang delivered the paper “Wood use in Predynastic Upper Egypt: results of charcoal analysis from two predynastic settlements in the Nile Valley”. This is the result of Angela’s 2022-2023 UROP project and includes lab members Peter Kováčik and John Marston as co-authors. Congratulations Angela!

Marston receives grant for botanical research at Athenian Agora

Marston has received a substantial award from the Loeb Classical Library Foundation to fund 2023 fieldwork at the Athenian Agora, where he along with Angela Zhang (CAS ’24) and Owen Lannon (CAS ’24) will conduct research into the use of plants in the civic heart of ancient Athens. This award will finance travel and research […]