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The art and science of social media management

When I decided I wanted to study digital communication, particularly the mechanizations of social media, I got a whole lot of interesting reactions from my family and friends. Some believed social media to be the hot new topic after the dot com furor. Others’ responses ranged from mild curiosity to blatant skepticism on its potential […]

Networks and Networking – In Study and In Practice

By Samantha Middleton The term “network” and has become an essential concept not only in how our society relates to technology and to each other, but also an even more important term to us in Emerging Media Studies. While we continue to plan #Screentime and work on client-facing projects for our classes, we simultaneously are […]

Virtual reality: a new way of storytelling

by Serena Bronda In the Emerging Media Studies Program we tackle pretty much everything. Most of our discussions involve theory that apply to modern technology. Therefore, we are constantly updated on latest technologies, curious about studying the effects that those technologies have on users’ behavior and attitudes. Virtual reality (VR) is definitely a topic we […]

Discovering Emerging Media Studies

By Samantha Middleton When I first decided to pursue a Master’s in Emerging Media Studies at Boston University, I was immediately asked “Well, what is that, exactly?” And for the first few months, I recycled the same three answers: “It’s basically a crazy media research degree.” “We work on web design, conduct original research, and […]