#ScreentimeBU 2016

The graduate students of Boston University’s Division of Emerging Media Studies invite abstracts for their second annual Conference on Emerging Media.

#Screentime aims to explore the social, emotional, and civic implications of today’s media landscape. Social forces and technological elements are driving changes in this developing field of study.This conference is an opportunity to bridge diverse perspectives on the roles of users and technology in new media, and will lay the groundwork for future research.


Emerging Media Studies is an inherently interdisciplinary field; we welcome abstracts from a variety of perspectives and disciplines on a range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Civility, sub-cultures, and online discourse
  • Uses and effects of mobile communication technologies
  • Digital distribution and industry disruption
  • Data mining on social networks
  • Emerging technologies’ effects on users
  • Video games and virtual worlds
  • Digital communication and public health

The conference is free of charge to both presenters and attendees. This conference is aimed at graduate students to showcase their research, and as an opportunity to network with peers.

Speakers for #Screentime2016

Who had came to #Screentime2016? Check out here: Speakers-2016

Important Dates

Conference: June 23rd 2016

Registrations closed. Questions? Email demsconf@bu.edu