As we near the end of an intensive year of learning, projects, assessments and frantic runs to catch the MBTA, let’s take a moment to breathe and reflect. Let’s give ourselves a pat on the back for making it this far and for throwing ourselves on a path only a few have ventured on. Emerging Media Studies, a program that we initially found hard to describe will define us into the next phase of our careers. Some of us are stepping into professional worlds and some are diving deeper into academia. How have we changed since the time we started? How can we add value, give back and what more can we learn?


Many of us are aware that this is a transitional phase and the “what next?” question is looming large on our minds. While I may not have all the right answers, I do feel confident enough to share my views, some of which may resonate with those in the same boat as me. So let’s try not worry what’s next with anxiety, but focus on “here’s what I can do with what I’ve learned.”

Speaking of which, what are some of our broader takeaways from this program?

1. We’ve learned to ask relevant questions: Our discussion oriented classes and presentations give us a chance to consider different perspectives. Reading research papers is an essential element in our program and some of these readings spark interesting discussions, encouraging us to question the nature of use of technology and media beyond the obvious.

2. Media has a lot more layers than we imagined: Many of us had preconceived ideas about the way people interact with media & technology and the effects of different forms of media. But we now know not to judge a book by its cover. Learning about the past, present and discussing the future opens up new directions for research, strategy ideas and gives room for so much more thought.

3. To look at both sides of the coin: Whether it is social media or virtual reality, we now observe  new forms of media in terms of various dimensions. With each of our projects, we’ve tried to unravel a lot more, thinking about users, media makers and even non-users!


On a lighter note,

  • There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who make timelines and those who make best timelines and darkest timelines (us!)
  • Coffee = food
  • It is possible to read five thirty page readings overnight
  • CRC = Second home

and finally,

  • Some of us can enter tweet coding championships with great confidence


#Screentime is a culmination of our group’s efforts over the past few months. Like every event, this one involved confusion, synchronization and tons of leg work. We’re excited to be able to showcase some of the projects that our class has worked on, to exchange views with professionals and researchers in this space and to leave our own small impression in Boston University College of Communication’s passage of time. Look forward to seeing you there!

IMG_3877Supriya Manot

I grew up in the city of Kolkata, India and moved to Boston in 2014. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication & videography and a master’s from India, I dabbled in advertising and marketing roles before joining the Emerging Media Studies program. Imaginative ideas, social media and travel stories never fail to excite me. Catch me on Twitter or Linkedin.

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