About the 2023 conference

#ScreentimeBU is an annual academic conference in June put on by the graduate students from Division of Emerging Media Studies at Boston University. The conference will provide a platform for students to showcase their research and to network with peers and professionals working in Emerging Media Studies.

All Emerging Media Studies students contribute to the annual #ScreentimeBU conference. This exciting conference provides an opportunity for EMS students to present their research in the field of digital communication and society as well as exchange their views with peers and field leaders concerning important contemporary issues. By showcasing the fruits of their research, EMS students share their ideas with the general public and industry leaders. In addition, the conference provides an opportunity for students to develop their public communication capabilities and get input from industry experts in a professional setting.

Please note, attendance at this year’s conference is by invitation only. Please reach out to dems@bu.edu with any queries.

This Year’s Theme

Digital Citizenship: Empowering Community Engagement through Innovation and Creativity*

*Theme was partially generated with the help of Chat GPT

This year’s theme, Digital Citizenship, which was suggested by Chat GPT after providing it with short descriptions of each project, encourages us to think about how our decisions impact the communities serving as stakeholders of our companies. We’ve seen how digital platforms can unlock job opportunities, disperse important information, and encourage users to help shape the communities they want to be a part of. Further, our keynote speaker, Dr. Stephanie Orme, specializes in how gaming communities can help foster involvement and inclusivity.

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