About the conference

#Screentime is an annual academic conference in June put on by the graduate students from Division of Emerging Media Studies at Boston University. The conference will provide a platform for students to showcase their research and to network with peers and professionals working in Emerging Media Studies.

In the past, the #Screentime conference aims to provide an opportunity for researchers in the field of digital media and communication to exchange their attitudes, stances and opinions on the heated issues haunting today’s media landscape. Our students will be showcasing their insightful research projects. We hope that this will stimulate further communication across departments about communication scholarship, communication research, and how these conclusions can be used to benefit an evolving and emerging world of online communication.

Please note, attendance at this year’s conference is by invitation only. Please reach out to dems@bu.edu with any queries.

This year’s theme

This summer, we are welcoming the conference’s sixth opening on June 24, 2020 from 1 – 4pm, hosted on Zoom.

We will explore the topic – #Social Currency: Amplifying Messages through Engagement Analysis. The purpose of the projects presented are to understand how to generate social media engagement by evaluating posts and responses in various contexts including fitness, fundraising, civic awareness, and health.

The conference is free of charge for both attendees and speakers.

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