About the conference

#ScreentimeBU is an annual academic conference in June put on by the graduate students from Division of Emerging Media Studies at Boston University. The Emerging Media Studies is a one-year Master’s program in the College of Communication, dedicated to research on emerging media characteristics, their applications in the industry, and their effects on both human beings and the society. Students of this program, equipped with both professional and academic expertise, are able to either enter the industry directly after graduation or continue pursuing a Ph.D. degree.

The #ScreentimeBU conference aims to provide an opportunity for researchers in the field of digital media and communication to exchange their attitudes, stances, and opinions on the heated issues haunting today’s media landscape. By showcasing their insightful research, the scholars at the conference can inform people of the latest research accomplishments, communicate with colleagues on critical topics, as well as hint at future research directions in the communication fields.

This year’s theme

This upcoming summer, we are welcoming the conference’s fourth success in a row.

This year, as another year identified by the thriving new media platforms and technologies along with doubts and scandals around online privacy, urges us as communication researchers to delve into the underlying mechanism of digital media, big data and how they have been influencing the real world. Following this, we are thrilled to introduce our theme of this year: #NoFilter: Unmasking Digital Engagement and Real World Influence.

Going off from this year’s theme above, we offer the following tentative topics, the research papers under which are deemed eligible for submission. If there is any other relevant topic which we haven’t covered but you think is applicable, you are also more than welcomed to submit your research.

News & Events