SONA Resources + FAQ – Participants

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Frequently Asked Questions By COM Sona Participants

  • Immediately after I login and click on any menu option, I am taken back to the login page and I see a message that my authentication has expired. What does this mean? 

Your web browser is not properly configured to accept cookies. You should turn on cookies in your web browser, try to use a different web browser (for example, switch to Firefox if you are currently using Internet Explorer), or try to use a different computer. Detailed instructions can be found if you go to the site and enter the URL “cookie_help.aspx” in place of “default.aspx” in the address bar of the browser, when you are on the front page of the site. You can also try to use another computer. Usually the computers in university computer labs are configured correctly. 

  • I participated in a study, but I have yet to receive credit. How do I receive credit? 

The researcher must grant you credit. This is usually done shortly after your participation in the study. If it has been some time and you have still not received credit, contact the researcher. 

  • Who can see the information about my sign-ups? I don’t want everyone to know which studies I signed up for. 

Only the researcher and principal investigator of the study may see that you have signed up for a study, along with the site administrator. No other users, including other researchers or your instructor can see this information. 

  • How do I change the email address where email notifications from the system are sent? 

Provide an alternate email address and notifications will be sent there. See the Email Address Options section of this manual for more information. In some cases, this option may not be available.

  • I noticed that with some studies, I could sign up for them again even if I participated before, while others don’t allow for this. Why is this? 

Researchers can choose if their studies allow you to participate more than once. Not all studies allow you to participate more than once. 

  • I attempted to sign up for a study, and I was prevented from doing so because the study I was trying to sign up for is a disqualifier for another study I am scheduled to participate in. Why is this? 

If you have signed up for a study that has disqualifiers (studies you must not have participated in to participate in that study), you may not sign up for the studies that are listed as the disqualifier studies. You are allowed to sign up for the disqualifier studies if the disqualifier study will take place after the study with disqualifiers. You are also allowed to sign up if you have already participated in (and received credit for) the study with disqualifiers. The easiest way to sign up for both studies is to schedule the disqualifier study at a time later than the study with disqualifiers.