Ph.D. and MS Graduated from Cheng Group


# Name Year Graduated Major Current Position Contact
1 Li Li, PhD May 08 Analytical Chemistry Postdoc at UNC li7 [at]
2 Jiabin Zhu, MS Dec 08 Biomedical Engineering NA NA
3 Hongtao Chen, PhD May 09 Analytical Chemistry Research Scientist at UC Irvine hchenuci [at]
4 Yan Fu, PhD Dec 09 Biomedical Engineering Research fellow at NIH yan.fu [at]
5 Brandon Huff, PhD Dec 09 Analytical Chemistry MD PhD at IU School of Medicine tbhuff [at]
6 Edmond Lin, MS May 10 Biomedical Engineering Data scientist in pharmaceutical company in NY edmondlinnan [at]
7 Yunzhou Shi, PhD Dec 10 Biomedical Engineering Senior Manager, Samsung sophiashi2 [at]
8 Ling Tong, PhD Dec 10 Analytical Chemistry Research scientist at Stanford Medical School lingt [at]
9 Yookyung Jung, PhD Dec 10 Physics Laboratory Manager, TAMIC, TUFTS University Jung.yookyung [at]
10 Han-Wei Wang, PhD Aug 11 Biomedical Engineering LI-COR Biosciences hanweiwang [at]
11 Jackie Tyler, MS Aug 13 Biomedical Engineering Genentech jytyler590 [at]
12 Shuhua Yue, PhD Dec 13 Biomedical Engineering Associate Professor, School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering (BSME), Beihang University yue_shuhua [at]
yue_shuhua [at]
Tel: +86-18511712310
13 Seung-Young Lee, PhD Aug 14 Biomedical Engineering Assistant Professor,University of Illinois at Chicago Lsy22100 [at]
14 Delong Zhang, PhD Aug 14 Analytical Chemistry Professor, Zhejiang University dlzhang [at]
15 Pu Wang, PhD Aug 14 Biomedical Engineering CEO,Vibronix Inc puwang101 [at]
16 Junjie Li, PhD Aug 15 Biology Scientist, Pfizer Inc.

junjiel168 [at]

17 Rui Li, PhD May 17 Biomedical Engineering Chief Engineer, Vibronix Inc. ruili [at]
18 Hui Jie, PhD Dec 17 Physics Postdoc, Wellman Center for Photomedicine jiehui [at]
19 Cheng-Shien Liao, PhD May 17 Biomedical Engineering Senior Scientist, Thermo-Fisher
20 Hyeon Jeong Lee, PhD Dec 17 PULSe Associate Professor, Zhejiang University hyjglee [at]
21 Ayeeshik Kole, MD/PhD Dec 17 MD PhD

Continue to finish MD at IU school of medicine

akole [at]
22 Chen Jing, PhD May 18 PULSe Lathrop Gage LLP

achen [at]

23 Brittani Bungart, MD/PhD Feb 19 MD PhD

Continue to finish MD at IU school of medicine

bungartb [at]
24 Lu Lan Aug 19 PhD

Research scientist, Boston University

lanl [at]
25 Kai-Chih Huang Dec 19 PhD

Cygnal therapeutics

khuang [at]
26 Pu-Ting Dong Dec 19 PhD

Postdoc, Dental School
27 Jiayingzi Wu June 20 PhD

Research scientist at Shenzhen University

28 Chen Li May 20 PhD

Scientist at Cytochip Inc
29 Caroline W Karanja Dec 20 PhD

Postdoc at Cornell University
30 Ying Jiang Dec 20 PhD

Postdoc at Boston University
31 Yi Zhang Oct 21 PhD

Research scientist at Huawei

Former Postdoctoral Fellows

# Name Year at Cheng group Current Email Current Position
1 Haifeng Wang 2004-2007 phywh [at] Faculty, National University of Singapore
2 Thuc Le 2006-2010 thuc [at] Faculty, Roseman Univ of Health Sciences, Las Vegas
3 Yuxiang Liu 2011-2012 yliu11 [at] Faculty, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
4 Justin R. Rajian 2012-2013 NA NA
5 Ping Wang 2012-2015 p_wang [at] Professor, Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics (WNLO), Huazhong University of Science and Technology
6 Bing Song 2012-2013 bsong1023 [at] Postdoc, Harvard Medical School
7 Mikhail Slipchenko 2008-2012 mslipche [at] Reserch Associate Professor, Purdue University
8 Pu Wang 2014-2016 puwang101 [at] CEO, Vibronix INC
9 Shibin Deng Feb-Dec 2016 deng109 [at] Postdoc in Libai HUANG group
10 Chi Zhang 2014 – 2018 Assistant professor at Purdue University
11 Fengyuan Deng 2018 – 2019 maxd [at] Application Engineer, Liquid Instruments
12 Yingchun Cao 2015-2019 Solution Consultant, Dassault Sysyemes
13 Cheng Zong -2021 Scientist at Bayspec Inc
14 Zhicong Chen -2021 MD at a Guangzhou Hospital
15 Yeran Bai -2021 postdoc at UCSB
16 Ying Jiang -2021 postdoc at MIT

Former Visiting Scholars or Students

# Name in Cheng group Current Email Current Position
1 Shuyi Wang 2006-2007 Wangshuyi2001 [at] Associate Professor, School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
2 Hong-Qin Yang Nov 2011- Nov 2012 hqyang [at] Professor, Fujian Normal University, Fuzhou
3 Wei Wu 2011-2012 wu99 [at] Postdoc, IU School of Medicine
4 Chunrui Hu 2011-2013 chunrhu [at] Postdoc, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
5 Bin Liu Sept 2013-Sept 2015 liu1268 [at] Application & service engineer, Newport Opto-Electronics Technologies (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.
6 Xiaochao Qu Sept 2014-Sept 2015 xcqu [at] Associate Professor, Xidian University
7 Yuanqin Xia Sept 2015 xiayuanqin [at] Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology
8 Huaidong Yang Aug 2015 yanghd [at] TsingHua University
9 Fuyou Li Mar-July 2015 fyli [at] Professor, Fudan University
10 Mei Shi Mar 2015- Mar 2016 shimei [at] Associate Professor, Fudan University
11 Hansen Zhao July-Sept 2015 zhaohs12 [at] Undergraduate, TsingHua University
12 Kaiming Liu July-Sept 2015 liukm13 [at] Undergraduate, TsingHua University
13 Yin-Xin Zhang July 2015 – July 2016 yinxin [at] Associate Professor, Tianjin University
14 Jiawen Cui 2016 Summer cui-jw13 [at] Undergraduate, TsingHua University
15 Wei Chen Sept 2015-Sept 2016 chw111 [at] PhD student, USTC
16 Xueli Chen Feb 2015-Feb 2017 xuelichenmig [at] Associate Profesor, Xidian University
17 Hao Wang Feb 2016- Feb 2017 Associate Professor, Fujian Normal University
18 Chunguang Zhang Feb 2016-Feb 2017 Associate Professor, Fujian Normal University
19 Weiqing Xu Jan 2017 State Key Laboratory of Supramolecular Structure and Materials, Jilin University
20 Yiru Peng July 2016-Dec 2016 Professor, Fujian Normal University, Fuzhou
21 Yue Zhong Sept 2016-Sept 2017 Professor, Beijing
22 Frank P Loyd Jan 2017-Sept 2017 flloyd [at] MD at Methodist Hospital
23 Ye-ran Bai (fellowship) Oct 2016 – Oct 2017 byr1213 [at] Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics
24 Lijia Liang (CSC) Nov 2016- Mar 2018 lianglj15 [at] Jilin University
25 Cheng Zong Jan 2017-Dec 2018 czongcz [at] Xiamen University
26 Xiaojie Li (CSC) Sept 2017-Sept 2019 hitwhlxj [at] Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics (CIOMP) 
27 Minghua Zhuge Sept 2018-      Dec 2019 cocky_string [at] Zhejiang University
28 Kostas Mavrakis Oct 2019-Mar 2020 mavrakis [at] University of Crete, Greece
29 Ziheng Ji Aug 2019-Aug 2020 postdoc at Harbin Institute of Technology(Shenzhen)
30 Jiabao Xu June 2019-Nov 2019 Postdoc at Oxford University