Group Events

Brain storming coffee. (2024/01/12)

Lunch at BU’s Pub for 2023 Cheng-yang Group Annual Symposium. (2023/12/15)

Christmas cookie decoration party (2023/12)


Gordon conference reunion(2023/08)


Farm outing. (2023/08/20)


Cheng-Yang group Ping-pong competition. (2023/07/12)


Cheng group gathering at BU pub. (2023/07/07)

IP lecture by Michael Pratt, Director of BU technology transfer office. (2023/05/05)

Table tennis event (2023/04)

Cheng-Yang Symposium (2022/12)

Basketball league (2022/07)

Biology and Microbiology Outing (2022/07)

IR subgroup outing (2022/06)

SRS subgroup gathering (2022/06)


Neuron subgroup gathering (2022/05)

Lu and Yeran’s farewell party

Zhicong’s farewell party

Yeran and Ying’s Wedding

Farewell party for Kai-Chih and Minghua


Farewell party for Xiaojie

Farewell party for Junjie

Junjie Li will start his career in Pfizer. Congratulation and best wishes to Junjie!

Group outing

Group members went out for a barbecue. Great summer event!

Farewell party for Delong

Delong Zhang will start his new journal as a faculty at Zhejiang University. Congratulations to Delong!


Rock climbing

Cheng group members went out for a rock climbing night! 


Farewell party for Brittani

Brittani successfully finished her Ph.D. study in Cheng group, congratulations and best wishes on her future journey!

IMG_0835 IMG_0835

Farewell party for Jesse

Cheng group had a farewell party for Jesse, we wish him a successful journey!

Farewell party for Jason

Cheng group had a farewell party for Jason who plans to join industry after successfully getting a Ph.D. degree at Cheng lab. We deeply appreciate Jason for his huge contributions in the past years and wish him all the best in the future.


New year party

Cheng Group members had a hotpot party to celebrate 2018 Chinese new year!