CIC X-Ray Diffraction

The X-ray Laboratory in the Department of Chemistry maintains a Bruker AXS X8 Proteum-R instrument, including a kappa four circle goniometer, MICROSTAR rotating anode X-ray source and PLATINUM135 CCD area detector for single crystal X-ray diffraction. This instrument is available for use by trained users in the BU community. Structure determinations are also available on a service basis.

Additional information is available as a PDF Brochure.

The X8 Proteum-R is primarily designed for data collection on crystals of proteins and small molecules for solution and refinement of their detailed 3D structure. Many other X-ray scattering experiments are available on three instruments in the MSE Core Research Facility. These include polycrystalline XRD, thin film diffraction, rocking curve analysis, texture and stress measurements, X-ray reflectometry and small angle X-ray scattering in transmission and grazing incidence modes. For more information on the MSE X-ray lab, click here or contact the Lab Manager.

Is the X8 up or down?

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The X-ray Laboratory also provides structural determination services to the broader academic and industrial community. Please contact us for more information on rates and scheduling.

The X-ray Lab now has a channel on MyMedia: SC-XRD Laboratory