Welcome to Cheng Group

Cheng Group, Summer 2018

Research in the Cheng group is focused on a central theme: How do biomolecules and/or molecular assemblies function in space and time to drive life? For example, how does the membrane respond to the action potential in neurons? How is the metabolism reprogrammed during cell development? What happens at molecular level inside a bug exposed to a treatment? 

To address these fundamental questions, we develop and apply highly sensitive chemical imaging technologies that are able to unveil hidden signatures in various living systems. Our eventual goal is molecule-based precision diagnosis and/or treatment of human diseases. We further harness the unique properties of photons to modulate the behavior of cells. Examples include photolysis of chromophores to eradicate drug-resistant bacteria and cancer cells, and high-precision photoacoustic modulation of neural tissues.

With integrated expertise in engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and entrepreneurship, our research team is devoted to:

  • Development of label-free molecular spectroscopic imaging tools. (Read more)
  • Discovery of new biology at single cell level. (Read more)
  • Device for early molecule-based diagnosis and surgery guidance. (Read more)

Check the VOA story of our research (link)