Nico Quesada

Undergraduate Student Researcher

  • Title Undergraduate Student Researcher
  • Education BA, Archaeology & History of Art and Architecture, Boston University (2019)

Areas of Interest

Zooarchaeology, Urban Archaeology, Archaeology of Religion, Construction of Sacred Space

Research Interests & Fieldwork

I worked in collaboration with the Alutiiq museum on faunal remains from the 15,000 year old Qik’rtangcuk site (KOD-605) from Kodiak Island. I re-screened bulk samples, identified broad taxonomic groups (mammal, bird, and fish), and found a surprisingly large number of Northern Fulmar remains (identified using the comparative collections at Harvard) and a large number of cod and flatfish.┬áThe goal of this research was to identify the seasons of site occupation and understand the paleoenvironment, and learn more about past Alutiiq culture.



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