Mission and Scope

Welcome to the Boston University Zooarchaeology Lab!  The lab was established in 2014 and provides space for faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, and visiting researchers to study animal remains from archaeological sites. We study past human activity around the world from the Paleolithic to the historic era, and we invite you to explore the current research projects featured on this website. The Zooarchaeology Lab currently hosts several courses taught by director Dr. Catherine West, including the intensive Zooarchaeology lab course, Human Impacts on Ancient Environments, and Archaeological Materials Analysis and Research Design. We have a comparative collection of animal skeletons, primarily wild species from the North Pacific, and partnerships with Harvard’s Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard’s Zooarchaeology Lab, the Smithsonian Institution, and the University of Washington’s Burke Museum for use of their comparative material.

Explore Current Zooarchaeology Research Projects

Chirikof Island Projecthome-chirikof-island
Unalaska Sea Ice Projecthome-unalaska-sea-ice
Sclerochronology Projecthome-chirikof-island
Alutiiq Museum Community Archaeologyhome-alutiiq