Peer Reviewed Publications

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Technical Reports

2019     Quesada, Nico and Catherine F. West. Qikr’tangcuk, KOD-605: Faunal Analysis, Report on file at the Alutiiq Museum and Archaeological Repository, Kodiak, Alaska.

2019     Duppenthaler, Madeline, Samantha Kelley, and Catherine F. West. Kiliuda Bay, KOD-405: Faunal Analysis. In Archaeological Investigations at the Malriik site, KOD-405, Kiliuda Bay, Kodiak Archipelago, Alaska. Report prepared for US Bureau of Indian Affairs, Alaska Region, Anchorage, Alaska, by Amy Steffian and Patrick Saltonstall, pp. 133-147. Alutiiq Museum and Archaeological Repository.

2014     West, Catherine F. Old Harbor, KOD-478: Faunal Analysis. In Prehistoric Settlements of the Midway Bay Peninsula, Old Harbor, Alaska. Report prepared for Old Harbor Native Corporation, by Amy Steffian and Patrick Saltonstall, pp. 170-175. Alutiiq Museum and Archaeological Repository.

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