Lauren Knasin

Intern in Social Justice & Sustainability

  • Title Intern in Social Justice & Sustainability
  • Education BA, Marine Sciences| Minor: Archaeology, Boston University (2021)

Areas of Interest

Marine Science, Zooarchaeology, Environmental Science and Archaeology

Research Interests & Fieldwork

I am interested in tying together my passions in Marine Science and Zooarchaeology. During the Fall 202o semester, I sorted and identifed archaeological shell remains recovered from Chirikof Island, Alaska.  These shells can potentially provide insight into possible food sources or religious practices that occurred when the island was inhabited.

In 2021, I was an intern for The Ancestral Alutiiq Foods Project, a community-focused effort to chronicle the diversity of foods people have used for thousands of years in the Kodiak archipelago in Alaska. This project, which was developed by Professor Catherine West and the Alutiiq Museum, aims to utilize these ancient findings to help revitalize and support Native Alaskans and their identity.

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