Kristian Boschetto

Research Assistant

  • Title Research Assistant
  • Education BA, Boston University (2016)

Research Interests & Fieldwork

I worked in the zooarchaeology lab specifically focusing on faunal sorting and analysis on the samples from Chirikof Island, Alaska. Using the collections I performed a study on fish bones, looking for the minimum number of individuals (MNI) and the number of identified specimens (NISP) to determine if there was a preference for catching certain specifies of fish. Although the majority of my work focused on faunal remains, I am specifically interested in bioarchaeology and forensic anthropology.

I currently work for The City of Boston with the Boston Landmarks Commission as the Preservation Assistant. My job focuses on preserving the integrity of the historic districts and landmarks within Boston. Additionally, I work closely with the City of Boston Archaeology Program and assist the City Archaeologist when needed in the field on the various digs throughout Boston.


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