Author: Jared Koller

Congratulations to Dr. Goldfield!

Anna Goldfield successfully defended her dissertation “The Role of Physiology and Behavior in the Replacement of Neanderthals by Anatomically Modern Humans in Europe”! The Zooarchaeology Lab congratulates Anna on this great achievement.

BU undergrads travel to Kodiak, Alaska

Two BU undergraduates – Rachel Gill and Sami Kassel – have been selected to travel to Kodiak, Alaska to participate in the Community Archaeology excavation. They will chronicle their experience in blog posts throughout the summer.

West in the “New Generation of Polar Researchers”

Catherine West was selected as one of the New Generation of Polar Researchers and attended a week-long symposium in Catalina, California in May, 2015 to discuss the future and leadership of interdisciplinary polar research. 35 early-career scientists received funding from the National Science Foundation Division of Polar Programs to attend (

Goldfield research on Neanderthal cooking gains publicity

Anna Goldfield and Ross Booton’s (former volunteer, Environmental Archaeology Laboratory, and current Ph.D. student, University of Sheffield) recent poster presentation at the Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting used mathematical modeling to consider how differential rates of meat cooking between Neanderthals and Anatomically Modern Humans might lead to differential survival of the two species. It has gained considerable […]

Arctic ground squirrel research featured by AIWG

Catherine West and Courtney Hofman’s (University of Maryland, Smithsonian Institution) research on the role of the arctic ground squirrel as an invasive species is featured in June’s entry of the Aleutian Islands Working Group blog.

Paleoenvironmental reconstruction featured by AIWG and SIWG

Christine Bassett’s (University of Alabama) research on the use of the butter clam (Saxidomus gigantea) as a paleothermometer has been featured by the Aleutian Islands Working Group and the ICAZ Stable Isotope Working Group. Bassett collaborates with Catherine West on paleoenvironmental reconstruction using material from Kodiak, Alaska.

Mikeska receives BU Center for the Humanities Award

Christine Mikeska, a junior archaeology major at BU, received a student award funded by the Boston University Center for the Humanities. This will fund her as she pursues her interests in cultural identity and ethnicity using the zooarchaeological, historical, and burial data. Congratulations, Christine!

Spring break in the Netherlands: Mikeska receives UROP award

Christine Mikeska, a junior at BU, spent her spring break at “Zooarchaeology Bootcamp” at the Groningen Institute of Archaeology (GIA) in the Netherlands in preparation for summer fieldwork in Turkey with Professors Luke and Roosevelt, which is also funded by UROP. Christine’s bootcamp experience is featured in the GIA newsletter Congratulations, Christine!