Author: Brendan Nordstrom

The Two-Minute Drill: The Bills tricked me – again

By Brendan Nordstrom Another year has gone by, and I’m back in the same place – a feeling of dejection as the Buffalo Bills walk off the field in the Divisional Round, spelling the disappointing end to another season.  No, I’m not a Bills fan by any means, but like a charismatic cult leader, the […]

Divisional Round predictions from the WTBU NFL staff

By Sam Robb O’Hagan and Brendan Nordstrom Jacksonville Jaguars at Kansas City Chiefs – Saturday, 4:30 p.m. Sam’s pick: Kansas City 30, Jacksonville 16 The Jaguars are playing with house money, on a remarkable run that has already seen them cash in on a 5% chance to make the playoffs midway through the season and […]

The Two-Minute Drill: What we learned from Wild Card Weekend

By Brendan Nordstrom The first round of the NFL playoffs, now known as Super Wild Card Weekend, isn’t typically known for its parity. Last season, only one upset occurred (the Dallas Cowboys QB draw decision is still mindboggling), and there were only two games that kept it within a score. This season differed vastly with […]

The Two-Minute Drill: The “Brand New Lions?”

By Brendan Nordstrom Dr. Dre released his debut album “The Chronic” to critical acclaim; Bill Clinton defeated George H. W. Bush in the presidential election; “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” was released; and the Detroit Lions defeated the Dallas Cowboys for their first and only playoff win in the Super Bowl era. The […]

The Two-Minute Drill: Key Week 18 Matchups

By Brendan Nordstrom Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville Jaguars – Saturday, 8:15 p.m. This is about as simple as it gets: Win and you’re in. The AFC South is one of the weakest divisions in the entire NFL, with no team boasting a record above .500. Yet, one of these two teams will find themselves with […]

The Two-Minute Drill: Regrading QB trades

By Brendan Nordstrom The past couple of seasons have been full of blockbuster trades, with teams mortgaging their entire future for a quarterback that may (or may not) bring them to Super Bowl contention. Now, it is time to revisit those trades and determine who won. January 2021: Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams […]

The Two-Minute Drill: What are the Minnesota Vikings?

By Brendan Nordstrom “You haven’t even started studying for the test tomorrow?” you ask your friend the night before the final, which is worth 50% of your grade. Surely he won’t do well. You’ve studied countless hours for the past two weeks, and he hasn’t even cracked open the textbook. But, alas, the grades come […]

The Two-Minute Drill: What’s next for the Texans and Bears?

By Brendan Nordstrom One thing that I realized as Detroit Lions fan is that nobody cares about you when you’re bad. People call you an “extra bye week,” ESPN is too stuck on the Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs and some national writers only do surface-level research, often missing what’s really happening behind the […]

The Two-Minute Drill: Concern for New York?

By Brendan Nordstrom We’re in the heart of the NFL season – the “In the Hunt” graphic has appeared on Thursday Night Football, flex scheduling has begun and the NFL world is trying to parse which teams are legitimate contenders. Two teams have had unprecedented turnarounds this season. Out of East Rutherford, New Jersey, the […]

The Two-Minute Drill: Oh, how the mighty have fallen

By Brendan Nordstrom Every younger brother in America can relate to that moment. You and your brother face off 1-v-1 on the hardwood. He’s a better shooter; bigger, faster and stronger, dominating every game. But all it takes is one. A few lucky shots here and there, and all of a sudden, Goliath has fallen […]