Photography by Kat Harmon

New Englanders of all ages braved the heat of the first day of the Levitate Music Festival for a packed vendor village, rows of local food trucks, and a mix of musical acts ranging in genre from indie to funk and folk rock to country.

Mt. Joy: With a high-energy, triumphant air that blew away superfans and casual listeners alike, Mt. Joy’s first-ever headlining set will be one of many more in future festival seasons.

Orebolo: Orebolo, formed by three of the five members of the indie rock band Goose, performed an upbeat acoustic set on a stripped backstage, highlighting the folksy heart of their all-strings band.

Stolen Gin: Five-piece, New York-based band Stolen Gin moved their audience with a disco funk sound, easy improvisations, and a warm banter with the crowd. Check out our interview with them, which is coming soon!

Grace Bowers and the Hodge Podge: Led by 17-year-old breakout guitarist Grace Bowers, the Hodge Podge roused the early crowd with their electric set, bringing warmth and Southern soul with the help of relentless vocalist Emily Justin.

The Moss: Casual yet energetic, “The Moss” brought their earthy folk sound to life on the main stage, and their sing-songy cover of “Harvest Moon” was a personal favorite from the day.