Softball: BU Defeats BC in Battle of Com Ave.

No. 20/22 Boston University softball (45-4-1) continued their 31-game win streak at home with a 6-1 win over Boston College (27-21-0) Tuesday afternoon in another edition of the battle of Comm. Ave.

Following a series sweep in Pennsylvania against Lehigh last weekend to remain undefeated against conference opponents, BU returned home to host their final non-conference game of the season against their Atlantic Coast Conference rival, Boston College.

BU is used to not giving up many runs, only allowing two in the past ten games. Allison Boaz started off the game for BU, pitching a hitless top of the first; however, an error by Boaz landed Nicole Giery from BC on base. BC’s advantage on base did not last long, as Giery’s attempt to steal second landed her out. 

BC’s endeavor to steal second was only the 19th attempt to steal a base against BU this entire season.

BC infielder Allison Robinson finished the top of the 1st inning by grounding out to second base, where BU fielded the ball, making the last out. 

Addison Jackson, BC’s pitcher, began the bottom of the first by allowing Lauren Keleher to hit a single to center field on the first pitch of the inning. BC attempted to make a double play after Kayla Roncin from BU drove out a powerful ball to shortstop, but Roncin made it to first before BC could get the ball over. Keleher was out at second via an unassisted play from BC’s shortstop.

Caitlin Coker was walked, advancing Roncin to second base. BU player Lizzy Avery popped a ball out to left field, which was caught by Robison, causing BU to get their second out of the inning. On the first pitch, Brooke Deppiesse lined one out to right field, where BC caught the line drive, ending the inning. 

In the top of the second, BC player Jordan Stephens, who transferred from Alabama to BC’s softball program, singled off to left field, granting BC a superb start to the inning with a runner on first. 

Eagle infielder Maycee Hilt lined a ball to first into an easy double play by the Terriers, decimating BC’s early advantage on base. BC outfielder Elisabeth Laviolette popped one out to center field, which was caught by Keleher, ending the top of the second.

BU freshman Lauren Nett began the bottom of the second with a single to the left side, getting the Terriers on first base. Kylie Doherty from BU hit a fly ball to center field, causing BU’s first out of the inning. 

On the first pitch, Boaz popped up a foul ball out to first base where BC caught the hit. Terrier Sellers reignited the flame by driving one out shortstop where she helped advance Nett to second and land herself on first. Keleher with a strong hit through the gap between left and center, allowed Nett and Sellers to score. Roncin lobbed a ball out to center field, ending the bottom of the second with BU in the lead 2-0.  

BC’s Zoe Hines and Makenna Segal grounded balls out to infield, allowing BU to make two easy outs in the top of the third. Eagle Emma Jackson got a double from a powerful hit past BU center fielder. BC player Hannah Slike followed suit with Jackson hitting a line drive into the center field, bringing Jackson home to score. Giery hit a pop-up, which was caught by the Terriers, ending the top with a score of 2-1 BU.

BU had a rough start to the bottom of the third with two outs from Avery and Coker. Deppiesse recovered for the Terriers, hitting an RBI. Nett concluded the inning with a caught line drive to left field, ending the 3rd inning with an eventful score of 3-1. 

Boaz pitched one final inning for BU, only allowing one hit from BC in the top of the fourth. 

Addison Jackson continued to fight against the Terrier’s phenomenal hitters with little avail, as she sloppily permitted Seller to walk and let Keleher line an incredible triple to center field, bringing Sellers home. Roncin, after lining one out to infield, was called out at first, concluding the bottom of the fourth 4-1. 

Kasey Ricard, the 2023 ECAC Rookie of the Year, was tapped in to finish the game pitching for BU, sparing BC one hit but no mark on the scoreboard during the top of the fifth.

A. Jackson kept a tighter rein on BU during the bottom of the fifth, with Coker and Deppiesse both being left on base after making powerful hits to right field.

Richard allowed two hits for the top of the second, keeping the pressure on despite the Terrier’s lead in the game. 

A. Jackson ​​was subbed out by the Eagles for Gabriella Aughton during the bottom of the sixth, after A. Jackson walked Boaz, and Keleher homered to right field, gaining the Terriers two additional RBIs. 

BC could not recover from BU’s five-score lead during the top of the seventh, ending the small-ball game with a score of 6-1 BU. 

The Terriers will stay at home for their final series game against Lehigh, ranked second in the Patriot League, this weekend. First pitch is scheduled for noon on Saturday, May 4.