Photo by Alysse Gafkjen

Review by Margaret Corona


The day has finally come. Last night, I attended the Eras Tour. 

An eras tour, I should say. 

Guster’s “We Also Have Eras” tour rocked MGM Fenway and proved an unconventional blend of theater, improv, and song. After their inception at Tufts University in Medford, Guster’s return to Boston was a long-awaited homecoming.

As an ode to their over-30-year career, the band divided the show into ten sketches chronicling the ebb and flow of their musical journey.

“Wow! We are so good! We are so young!” Ryan Miller and Adam Gardner joked as they embarked on the show’s first era, the Tufts dorm room circa 1991, with the timid strumming of instruments and the eager anticipation of wannabe rockstars.

By era two, Brian Rosenworcel joined the team, and the trio was officially a band: Gus. Before we knew it, the bandmate count was four (thanks to Joe Pisapia’s coming and going and Luke Reynolds’s addition), and the band name letter count had upped from three to six. Unfortunately, somebody had already taken the name Gus.

Each skit chronicled a different “era” of the band, including working with new sounds and people like producer Steve Lillywhite (who has worked with U2, the Rolling Stones, and Peter Gabriel, to name a few).

The humorous bits were constant and never failed to entertain the audience, particularly when the bandmates would jab at themselves or the band as a whole.

The bandmates took a beat to (jokingly) point out how several of their show openers, like John Mayer, Sara Bareilles, Maroon 5, and The Avett Brothers, won Grammys while patiently waiting for their turn.

“Maybe the universe is trying to tell us something,” they joked. 

The bandmates abruptly took 10 seconds during the show to strike poses for an “Instagram moment.” “Girls on Film” by Duran Duran rocked the venue, and the laughter and cheers were nonstop.

Guster took a brief 15-minute intermission between eras seven and eight, which gave fans time to restock on (wildly overpriced) drinks and use the facilities before Act Two. The screen had a large countdown, and they showed up precisely when the clock struck zero. As expected, the audience went wild, eager for the second half of the two-and-a-half-hour show.

Amongst the buffoonery were several moments of profound gratitude for the past three decades and for the fans who’ve made it all worthwhile. They mentioned how MGM might be the largest indoor show they’ve played in 20 years since Radio City Music Hall. 

Those 30+ years flew by quickly on stage, but I loved every minute. My first Guster concert (and probably my only financially feasible attendance at an Eras-themed concert) was a complete win. Despite the sticker shock of MGM beverages, the value of Guster’s performance far outweighed the price of a few beers.

The “We Also Have Eras” tour was nothing short of spectacular. With their infectious energy, impeccable stage presence (both as actors and musicians) and undeniable humor, Guster proved they’ll always have a home in Boston.

Check out their newest album, “Ooh La La,” on May 17!