Photo by James Marcus Haney

Review by Hannah Martin


GROUPLOVE, an American indie rock band from Los Angeles, California, brought an electrifying energy to Boston’s Roadrunner music venue on Friday evening. The band and the crowd radiated an incredible vibrancy from the moment they stepped on stage. The entire venue buzzed with pure joy as die-hard fans filled the room from corner to corner. The stage was adorned with extravagant flashing lights, adding to the overall atmosphere of the performance.

Boston was one of the last two stops on the band’s “Rock and Roll You Won’t Save Me Tour” North American tour. GROUPLOVE has released six studio albums and two EPs. Earlier this year, the group released the single “Changes”. 

Before GROUPLOVE took the stage, Bully, a solo rock band led by Alicia Bognanno, warmed up the crowd with a stellar set. Despite BULLY’s initial self-proclaimed nerves about bantering, Bognanno’s robust, sharp voice quickly captivated the audience. Her cover of “Fade Into Me” by Mazzy Star, uniquely infused with a rock undertone, stole the audience’s unwavering attention. Overall, Bully’s performance was well-received, with many attendees expressing appreciation for their talent through murmurs to their friends.

Lights flashing, GROUPLOVE burst onto the stage after Bully’s set. Each band member exuded incredible energy, jumping around and encouraging the crowd to jump along with them. Hits like “Malachi” and “Ways To Go” kept the momentum going, while lead singers Christian Zucconi and Hannah Hooper showcased their on-stage chemistry as they sang the choruses with the crowd. There was always something visually happening on stage, whether it was a guitar spinning into the air or Hooper urging the crowd to sing along, arms stretched above her head. 

“Who made art in the last three years? You are the only person who can make your art. No one else can make it,” declared Hooper as the band prepped everyone for the performance of their biggest hit, “Tongue Tied.” Simply put, “Tongue Tied” felt like three minutes of pure bliss as the audience passionately screamed the lyrics. Experiencing this performance live brought everyone back to its original release date ten years ago; a nostalgic fog came over the venue, and it was indeed the most unforgettable moment of the entire set. The nostalgic atmosphere that covered the venue throughout this performance made it the most memorable moment of the set.

After a faux ending with “Cream,” the concert begged for more while screaming “Encore” in unison. Quickly, GROUPLOVE ran back on stage to perform “Itchin’ On a Photograph.” Closing out the concert were fan favorites “Raspberry” and “Colours,” sending the crowd into a frenzy of excitement. The colorful stage lights enhanced the atmosphere during “Colours,” creating a fitting end to the show. Once the lights went down, signifying the actual end, concertgoers still clung to some hope that there would be one more song, but it was clear that it was time to leave the nostalgia of the 2010s and shuffle back out onto the Boston streets.

Boston marked the largest concert of GROUPLOVE’s tour, and the band expressed their gratitude for the crowd’s enthusiastic support. Zucconi emphasized his appreciation for the fans, especially after the band took a break from releasing new music until earlier this year. The concert was undeniably a captivating experience, leaving a lasting impression on all in attendance.