By: Joshua Rosenthal

On Thursday, April 20th, Field Guide delivered a chill yet compelling performance at the Middle East in Cambridge. The Manitoba-based indie-rock act took to the stage for his first-ever show in the city of Boston, which was also in support of his debut headline tour in the United States.

Cece Coakley opened the concert with an inviting collection of new songs, including an unreleased one titled “865.” Coakley shared a lot of relatable stories about her music, and for her final song, she even led the crowd through a sing-along section, creating a pleasant bond between the performer and her audience.

Not too long after, Field Guide started off with “Leave You Lonely,” the first track on last year’s self-titled album, and followed it up with “The Way It Would Be,” a cut from his 2021 EP of the same name. This was not only a dynamic beginning to his set, but also a great introduction for anyone who might have been unfamiliar with his discography.

Throughout the show, Field Guide played an assortment of tracks such as “All the Other Lovers,” filling even his saddest songs with an eccentric and friendly spark. Later on in the night, he did an acoustic set without the support of his band, and even though another event could be heard coming from elsewhere in the venue, Field Guide was still able to captivate his audience entirely.

Along with his relaxed stage presence, part of what made Field Guide such a fascinating performer to watch was his sense of humor. He often launched into funny anecdotes between songs, including ones about eavesdropping on annoying conversations at restaurants and uncomfortable Airbnb situations. 

Field Guide wrapped up his setlist with “You Were,” a standout song that prompted a considerable amount of people in the audience to sing along. For an encore, Field Guide and his band tore into “Easy,” a song from his debut EP “Full Time,” building up to a lively jam session that served as a great final burst of energy.

Upon the conclusion of the concert, both Field Guide and Cece Coakley visited their respective merch tables, taking time to sign merch and talk with their fans. These interactions really drove home just how intimate this show was, one that those in attendance will be unlikely to forget for a long time.