While studying abroad in Padova, Italia, Matt Lutkins, WTBU photographer and contributor, visited the fashion capital of the world and attended the Milan City Fashion Week fashion show to photograph a spectacle of culture, high-speed street style, luxury wedding dresses, and everything few far and between. The show highlighted a diverse array of global, up-and-coming fashion designers, who showcased their culturally unique styles. The designers spotlit during the event were Guzal, Yagmur Özer, Hilltribe House Fashion, Castles x Queens, and Jorge Contreras Fashion. Whether the models were speed walking down the runway to electric hyper-pop or calmly meandering through the aisles in ornate wedding dresses, it was a show that captivated the sparkling diversity of Milan Fashion Week and underscored why Milan is known as the beacon of fashion. 

Below are the photos from event: