By: Josh Rosenthal

On Sunday, January 29th, Suki Waterhouse brought her “Coolest Place in the World Tour” to Paradise Rock Club for an electrifying sold-out show. This marked her first time headlining in Boston. Waterhouse previously opened for Father John Misty at Leader Bank Pavilion this past September. 

Even twenty minutes after the doors opened, a long line of people still wrapped around the corner of the venue, highlighting just how devoted they were to seeing Suki Waterhouse live. Before the concert began, Paradise Rock Club was packed from wall-to-wall and buzzing with good energy, setting a friendly and inviting vibe within the concert hall.

Opener Blondshell kicked the night off with a set that lasted around a half-hour long, featuring songs such as “Veronica Mars” and just-released single “Joiner,” as well as a cover of The Cranberries’ “Disappointment.” Blondshell and her band had great synergy throughout their setlist, and they did a wonderful job of preparing the audience for the rest of the show.

Coming out to the cheers of the crowd, Suki Waterhouse launched into “Bullshit on the Internet,” which immediately set a thrilling tone. When she dropped out the chorus at the last few words, the audience sang it wholeheartedly, serving as a great moment to begin the setlist with.

Over the course of her performance, Suki Waterhouse played a majority of the songs from “I Can’t Let Go,” her debut album. This included “Devil I Know” and “Moves,” a rousing rock anthem that name-drops Suzi Quatro and erupts into a dazzling final chorus. During this song in particular, Waterhouse sounded amazing, placing a lot of power and ferocity behind her vocals.

“I’m so pleased to be here,” Waterhouse said, noting the size of her audience and calling them gorgeous. Throughout her set, Waterhouse took countless chances to speak to the crowd, not only providing insights about tracks like “Melrose Meltdown,” but also forging an unbreakable connection with her fans.

Waterhouse strikes a phenomenal presence as a performer, and she was always engaged with the crowd at Paradise. Throughout “Neon Signs,” she made sure to engage with all sides of the stage, and during songs like “Joanna,” Waterhouse pointed her mic out towards the audience, later leading them in an enthusiastic hand-clap section. The band accompanying Waterhouse sounded incredible too; at the start of “My Mind,” their guitars washed over the crowd in spectacular fashion.

Suki also dedicated a significant amount of her setlist to her earlier singles, which were recently compiled and released in an EP called “Milk Teeth.” These included “Valentine” and “Coolest Place in the World,” both of which appeared to resonate deeply with those in attendance. She even treated her audience to an unreleased song called “To Love,” a stunning track that feels right at home with the rest of her discography.

For the encore, Waterhouse performed “Blessed,” the ethereal closer from her debut album. Towards the conclusion of the song, she descended from the stage to walk through the audience, even stopping to grab a few signs along the way. She concluded her set with “Good Looking,” which went viral on social media last year. Hearing this song live, especially accompanied by the sold-out crowd singing along, was an unforgettable moment to end the night on.