By Grace Lauson 

This past Sunday, MAX took the stage in Boston, MA at Paradise Rock Club for his final stop on The Live in Colour Tour. Max played a variety of songs off of his most recent album release, Colour Vision, as well as incorporated his biggest hits from past releases. Dedicated fans flooded the venue to support and sing along to MAX’s songs. 

The show began with Lauren Sanderson, a 25-year-old singer from Indiana with over half a million monthly listeners on Spotify. She pleased the crowd with her positivity and fantastic stage presence as she played songs including “Girl From the Internet” and “QUEEN BEE”. Her passion for music and love for performing was clear and she had a clear connection with the audience.

Then, MAX took the stage. He started off performing his song “Colour Vision” on a stage piece resembling a rubix cube. MAX came out with tremendous energy, hyping the crowd up, and dancing to the beat of his songs. A theme of bright colors was immediately apparent as shown through the vibrant stage pieces, bright lights flashing, and MAX’s outfit. He wore a bright yellow sweater vest and patterned blue and white flowy pants, which all served to add to the visual components of the show. 

MAX descended from the cube for his second song and this is where his dance skills really began to show. MAX did not have choreographed routines but instead had a clear ability to dance and moved to the beat of his songs. Throughout his set, he showed his flexibility and coordination kicking his legs into the air and using his mic stand as a prop. 

MAX continually interacted with his fans making sure to check in that everyone was having a good time and express his gratitude for them attending the show. He also often turned the microphone around to his fans, encouraging the crowd to sing along. His dedicated fan base seemingly knew the lyrics to every song MAX played. Except for the unreleased song he performed for the audience which was a special and unexpected treat that everyone enjoyed. 

MAX continued playing both upbeat music and his slower hit songs including “Lights Down Low” and his newest single “Butterflies”. Throughout the show, he brought his band members up to the front to give them some solo time and show their talent as well as his appreciation for them. There were multiple saxophone solos throughout the show which the crowd went crazy for as the talented musician really knew how to work the stage. At one point, all the musicians switched instruments! They walked across the stage and started playing a different instrument seemingly perfectly. This was highly impressive and definitely an added element of fun! MAX as well as his band showed extreme musical talent as well as a humble attitude which was nothing short of incredible. 

MAX continually told fans how much fun he was having and how much he loved Boston. He even hopped off the stage a few times to go give fans hugs and high fives. He also had fans participate in many of the songs by teaching them the chorus beforehand or explaining which part he wanted the crowd to sing. For his song “Basement Party” he taught the crowd two lines and instructed them to repeat them throughout the song. This made for a really cool effect because, while many of the fans already knew the songs, this ensured everyone in the audience was singing loudly. 

MAX ended the show with an encore where he played his song “Mugshot”. Following the final song, the crowd went crazy cheering for him as all the house lights came on and he remained on stage, stunned with gratitude for his dedicated fan base. MAX radiated positivity from the beginning to the end of his set and he really puts on an incredible show.