Box to Box Ep. 6: Widge-nal-duhm | 11/16/20

Welcome to Box to Box, WTBU Sports’ podcast devoted to discussing the ebbs, flows, and dives (25 words managed until our first joke about diving – not too shabby) in European soccer. On a weekly basis, WTBU’s Jacob Colling (@jcolling3), Alex Puri (@aarjun24), and Akshai Wadhwani (@Chewbacca4POTUS)–alongside close colleague and Ohio Statesman Jeff Asa-Hauser (@jeffasahauser)–will be bringing you analysis, predictions, and general attempts at punditry on the UEFA Champions League, Barclays Premier League, Emirates FA Cup, and other leagues that may or may not have sponsors in their names. We’ll discuss, debate, and frequently call each other “mate.” Sound good to you? Check us out and give us a rate!

In this week’s episode, we welcome WTBU Sports Podcast Manager and Duck Boat Report co-host Brady Gardner (@BradyDGardner) to the show, giving him a solid grilling on his beloved West Ham while presenting our Premier League All-Sexy XIs, railing on the international break (again), and marveling at Jacob’s pronunciation of “Wijnaldum.” Make sure to blow up Akshai’s Twitter (@Chewbacca4POTUS) for thinking Phil Jones is sexy.

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