Album Review: Fine Line by Harry Styles

by Sara Sturtevant

Album Name: Fine Line 

By: Harry Styles 

Release Date: December 13, 2019 

Genre: Pop rock 

Related Artists: Niall Horan, Ruel, The Vamps 

Rating: 10/10 

This is the second solo album for Harry Styles and if you thought the first one was good, you should really listen to this. Styles’ confidence in his music has shone brightly through this album which first debuted on December 13, 2019. Within the two months after its initial release, the album became certified platinum. The album and its singles have since continued to top the charts. In fact, his single ‘Watermelon Sugar’ has been trending on social media platforms like Tiktok and coined itself as one of the 2020 summer anthems. 

Fine Line has been more than successful, to say the least, but why should you listen to this former One Direction members music? Well for starters, it’s not like most music you hear today with its auto-tune and digital sounds. It is categorized as pop-rock, and if you sat down to really listen to it you’d hear the modern twist of sounds inspired by legends like the Commodores, Peter Frampton, and even Frankie Valli to name a few. This musical exploration of life and love takes you on an emotional roller coaster that you rush back in line to go on again once it’s done. So, let’s break down the tracklist and see what songs you might enjoy. 

Golden – It sounds like sunshine and hope itself. If you like cheery songs with a touch of soul that makes you want to parade around your room this is for you. 

Watermelon Sugar – Chances are you have probably heard this on the radio at least once and if not there then somewhere else. This is an upbeat song you simply can’t go wrong with and you will most likely be a little confused by its lyrics. 

Adore You – If you like art and thought-provoking things, this song is for you. The whole concept of the music video and the song itself is so intricately created it even has its own website. You have to check out the island of Eroda at least once. 

Lights Up – Not your typical banger, this song brings the vibes of a late-night beach campfire mixed with an epiphany of the bigger things in life. 

Cherry – Ok so if you’re still hung up on a past relationship and want a slower relatable tune to lay in bed listening to then this is your cup of tea. If you know a little French that’s good too. 

Falling – Tears. So sad but so beautiful. 

To Be So Lonely – Right, now that you’ve realized you were dwelling in your sad boi hours this is what’s next on the playlist. Also, The Notebook is referenced here so if you like that movie you’ll get excited about at least one of the lines in this song.

She – Have you ever daydreamed about someone or like an alter ego of yourself? Like an escape from reality? No? Me neither… 

Sunflower, Vol. 6 – All right people this is one right here is for all my people who are in love with someone or love the idea of true love. It’s a fantasy for all hopeless romantics out there. 

Canyon Moon – Different than the other songs on this tracklist with a folky kind of tune to it. If you simply are in a happy mood that makes you feel like appreciating whatever or whomever home is to you this is it. 

Treat People With Kindness – This is Harry Styles’ mantra. A whole song dedicated to passing on the good energy and vibes all around. 

Fine Line – 6 minutes and 18 seconds of a perfect conclusion to an album filled with highs and lows. It proposes a sense of acceptance for things or people that may not necessarily be what you hoped they would. Through trials and tribulations, some things don’t work for the smallest of reasons. 

Fine Line is a beautiful creation overall that has enchanted the hearts of millions of people worldwide. The tracklist is timeless and anyone can relate to the emotions conveyed through the impeccable lyricism. With its unique set of songs that encapsulate the most trivial of emotions, such as enjoying the sun on a summer day, Fine Line is sure to pour through speakers and headphones alike for years to come.