Back2BU Virtual Meetings Recap – Part 5

wtbu · Back2BU Virtual Meetings Recap – Part 5

By Grace Ferguson



You’re listening to WTBU News. I’m Grace Ferguson, here with a recap of Boston University’s last two Back2BU Virtual Meetings. The first meeting on Wednesday was for the entire university. The second one was for the College of Fine Arts, the School of Hospitality Administration, and Wheelock College.

Here’s what’s new.

This fall, reduced elevator capacity is going to change the way students move around buildings. Students who live on the first four floors of high rises will be expected to take the stairs. And even students on upper floors will be encouraged to take the stairs on their way down. Also, staircases are going to be one way.

During the virtual meetings, BU has been hinting that it would make an announcement this week about what will happen after Thanksgiving. But on Wednesday, Associate Provost Sue Kennedy said that announcement might not go out until early next week. Some schools are going fully remote after the break, because they’re worried about students traveling. For now, BU says the current calendar still stands, but there’s a committee talking about making changes. In an interview with the Daily Free Press last month, President Brown said he expected an announcement in late June or the first few days of July.

Wednesday offered a little more clarity for students who want to claim their belongings that were stored this spring. Students living in BU housing can pick up their boxes at a station near their dorm on their move in day. Students who aren’t living in BU housing this fall will get an email from the housing office next week. Extending their storage contract might be an option but it isn’t clear who will pay for it.

The three colleges featured on Wednesday night have some of the most hands-on programs at BU. Students in SHA and Wheelock have to get professional experience for their degree or license. Both colleges are focusing on students who are close to graduation, either coming up with creative ways to fill their requirements, or prioritizing limited opportunities for those students. 

CFA will probably have live performances. But, if so, audiences will be physically distanced and likely limited to CFA students. The college will still have practice rooms. They’ll be cleaned more often and students will be assigned to a single specific room.

That’s all for today’s recap. These were the last Q&As in this series, but a BU official said there will most likely be more meetings later on. In Salt Lake City, Utah, I’m Grace Ferguson for WTBU News.