Back2BU Virtual Meetings Recap – Part 2

wtbu · Back2BU Virtual Meetings Recap – Part 2

By Grace Ferguson


You’re listening to WTBU News. I’m Grace Ferguson, here with a recap of Boston University’s third Back2BU Virtual Meeting. Friday’s meeting was focused on the Questrom School of Business, but BU officials also shared university-wide information.

Dean Elmore told attendees that he may ask a student to leave campus if they aren’t complying with health protocols. So far, this is the strongest and most clearly defined enforcement measure the university has announced. Before Friday, BU officials had only talked about education and community-based enforcement.

Also on Friday, officials revealed some new details about dining. Some tables will be for single diners, and other tables will be for households. They’ll seat up to four or five people. And, while the weather’s warm, there might be some outdoor seating.

The Questrom Starbucks will be open, but BU is still figuring out the seating there. There probably won’t be in-person ordering, though. Most food retail locations will be using an app for mobile order pickups.

And once people have their orders, they might have to take them outside. One of Questrom’s associate deans, Frederic Brunel, said people should avoid eating in the Questrom building. That’s because they would have to take off their masks, which are required on campus.

As for academics, Brunel said very few Questrom classes would be fully online. The Questrom Core will be taught in a fully hybrid format, and there will be sections throughout the day to accommodate different time zones.

That’s all for today’s recap. The next two Virtual Meetings will be on Monday. The College of Engineering session will be at 8 am, and the College of Communication session will be at 8 pm.

In Salt Lake City, Utah, I’m Grace Ferguson for WTBU News.