Students Hoping to Request Early Move in Face Delays

Students Hoping to Request Early Move in Face Delays

By Grace Ferguson

Boston University has delayed opening its form to request early move in by over a week. As of 11 a.m. on Thursday, the form is still unavailable, though it was scheduled to open on Wednesday, July 8, after an initial delay.

The first edition of BU’s Campus Life Guide said the early move in request form would open on July 1. But on July 1, BU updated the Guide to say the form would not open until July 8.

There was no official announcement about the delay, and BU Housing has not publicly communicated why the form still has not opened.

BU has split its move in process into two phases. Early move in will be from August 1 to 14. BU has not made clear who exactly is eligible for early move in—the Early Arrival section of BU’s Campus Life Guide says student athletes and some “special-interest groups” might be eligible.

The Guide also alludes to possible quarantines for some students, but BU still hasn’t announced who might have to quarantine.

Regular move in will take place from August 15 to 31. Students will be allowed to sign up for a time slot at some point this summer. BU has not said when that sign-up process will begin.

Technology problems might be the reason why the request form did not go up on Wednesday. According to some comments on the BU Reddit page, a faulty request form was up for about 10 minutes on Wednesday morning.

wtbu · WTBU News Campus Report 7/9/20