BU Student Government E-Board Debate

The 2020 BU Student Government E-Board Debate took place at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, April 6, 2020.

Candidates from 4BU, BeLoudBU, ConnectBU, IgniteBU, and OneBU debated their platforms and discussed issues ranging from mental health to campus culture. You can listen to our post-debate analysis and discussion above. WTBU News reached out to all the candidates for comment following the debate. Their responses are below.

Aditya Jain, Presidential Candidate, ConnectBU

“The debate tonight really shed light on the central question of this election: which is the team that will really get things done. We heard a lot of the same talk from the slates running: accountability, transparency, community. Yet despite most of the slates having members who had been in Student Government for many years, none of them could give examples of how they had affected change in their time in Student Government. The talk of accountability did not hold up for the other slates as they refused to be accountable for the time they had already been in StuGov. On the flip side, ConnectBU showed how its members are dedicated to fixing the issues. Aditya, our President, talked about our slates’ successes from the Water Quality Act aimed at ensuring healthy, clean water for students to the Academic Grant Competition which gave growing clubs StuGov’s support. We believe we won the debate tonight and are excited to bring together students at BU so we can affect real change at BU.”

Archelle Thelemaque, Presidential Candidate, BeLoudBU

“From the moment we started campaigning, we knew we wanted this to be different than what we’ve seen before. Tonight’s debate is proof that BeLoudBU is not just ready to take on the role of a student government executive board but that we have the heart and compassion to create a better BU with our bold and actionable platform. Tonight, Arrchelle took the questions and demonstrated that BeLoudBU has the vision to improve BU and also a strong understanding that student government does not stop at internal meetings but goes onto impact the entire student body. We plan to stick to our goal and amplify the student voice and make it the loudest sound on campus. We hope you caught a glimpse of that in the debate tonight and that you join us on our journey to be loud and be heard.”

Collin McCormick, Presidential Candidate, IgniteBU

Collin and IgniteBU have not yet responded to our request for comment.

Dan Kelly, Presidential Candidate, 4BU

Dan and 4BU have not yet responded to our request for comment.

Nyah Jordan, Vice President of Internal Affairs Candidate, OneBU

“The debate allowed us to see how much work and passion that the other slates have put into this. Their passion definitely inspires us to put more energy into our campaign. OneBU’s slate reaches from four different corners of the university, and we know we can revitalize student government across the university. Through our initiatives, we want to connect with various clubs and administrators to achieve our platform and then some. I hope that through the debate, students will be able to see how much the entire OneBU slate genuinely cares about the issues that affect our campus and how we can make it better. Each member of OneBU is powerful in their own way, and we came together to change BU for the better. I know I’m personally excited about how many people we have involved in elections this year. I think it’s brought energy to student government that is much needed, and I know OneBU will keep this energy going because we plan to make it a staple as we are only sophomores. Five slates running in this student government election should not be an anomaly, it should be the norm, and OneBU will make it that way while simultaneously fostering and assisting students to present ideas and take action.”