Podcasts: Beantown Banter Ep. 26 – “Just get us to April”

Brady and Patrick are back after a bit of a hiatus due to spring break to take you through everything that happened over the last 10 days. We start off the show looking at the Bruins’ most recent three-game losing streak and the resurgence of the injury bug. We move along to the Celtics and their continued resurgence before looking at the spring training struggles for the Red Sox. We also touch on the rule changes coming to the MLB, the Patriots’ free agency so far, and national NFL news.

0:00 The Bruins had a tough week. The injury bug is back.

16:04 The Celtics continue to trend upwards. Isaiah Thomas returns.

26:14 The Red Sox are really struggling in Spring Training. Why? What does it mean?

31:40 Some rule changes are coming to baseball. A step in the right direction?

37:09 The Patriots have relatively been quiet in free agency. Our opinions on the roster and the lack of action.

43:44 Odell Beckham Jr. and Antonio Brown were traded. Watch out for the Browns.

Photo by WTBU’s own, Ryan Gregory